Are there planned activities at night?
All ships have planned activities; though, generally speaking, the larger the ship, the more planned activities you'll find. Evening activities often include casino gambling, Broadway- and Vegas-style revues, cabaret shows, nightclub performances, disco dancing, movies, and passenger talent shows.


Does the cruise ship have planned activities during inclement weather?
Yes. Each night, you'll receive a list of planned activities for the next day, including special activities for sea days with inclement weather.


Can I get a tour of the ship?
Many ships do offer tours on the first day of the cruise. However, due to security reasons, tours are generally restricted to public areas of the ship.


How do I find out about onboard activities?
Want to know about the port you're about to visit, what the show times are, what lectures are being held the next day or even what the drink of the day is? It's all in the ship's newsletter which is typically slipped under your door each evening (for the next day's events).


Am I required to take part in the ship's activities?
No. The only activity you are required to take part in is the lifeboat drill on embarkation day.


I'd like to celebrate a special occasion. Will the ship help?
All ships help passengers celebrate special occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays. Some ships simply provide a free or inexpensive cake, while others sell packages including everything from in-cabin massages to private tours of the bridge. If you'll be celebrating a special occasion while onboard, be sure to tell your Cruise Expert so that we can let the ship's staff know which occasion you'll be celebrating. If you forget, simply tell the maître d' shortly after boarding, and he/she will be happy to assist you with your celebratory plans.


Is the onboard entertainment free?
With the exception of casino gaming, onboard entertainment is free.


What are days at sea like?
The ship's staff fills each day with a host of shipboard activities. However, you are not required to take part in any activities, and can choose to spend the day as you wish.


What do I do on the last night of the cruise?
On the final night of the cruise, you'll be required to place your luggage outside your cabin door. Be sure to bring a carry-on bag for anything you need during the night or final morning since you won't have access to your luggage until you get off the ship.  Your cabin steward will also drop off a customs form, which you'll turn in to a customs officer upon disembarkation.


What services are offered at the spa?
Most spas offer a typical range of beauty treatments, including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and hair styling. Some spas also offer more unique treatments, like hot stone therapy and couples massages.


I'm worried about getting bored on sea days or short port days. Is this likely?
It's not likely that you'll get bored. Most ships offer more than enough activities to keep passengers very busy, even on sea days.  Some ships offer everything from typical activities like ping-pong, shuffleboard, sunbathing, and bridge tournaments to more unique diversions like rock climbing, ice-skating, computer classes, and movies at dedicated movie theaters.


Will the itinerary change?
All cruise itineraries are subject to change. Weather conditions and other circumstances may require a change in itinerary, such as a change in arrival or departure time. In extreme circumstances, the ship will be required to skip a port entirely, in which case the cruise line will try to schedule a visit at an alternative port of call.

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